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Donald Trump has assembled the most unqualified and corrupt cabinet in modern American history. His administration’s unabashed and unchecked cronyism has created a government of officials with no experience in the offices they oversee.

Loyalty outweighs expertise in Trump’s musical chairs of appointments

The Washington Post reported that “Trump has sometimes expressed confusion about what agencies and secretaries are in charge of what duties.” Loyalty trumps knowledge as the President plays musical chairs with nominations and appointments.

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The swamp is getting deeper

Despite Trump’s campaign pledge to “drain the swamp,” he filled his cabinet with corporate executives. The problem of special interests running Washington has only worsened with Trump in office.

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With no experience, how do Trump officials run the government?

The people in charge of our government may shock you. These four Trump officials don’t have the qualifications to do their jobs, but that’s not stopping them.

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Cuts for their departments, gifts for themselves

Trump’s cabinet members have no problem cutting programs that Americans depend on in the name of fiscal responsibility. But when it comes to perks for themselves, they are happy to let the government foot the bill.

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Cronyism at every level of Trump’s administration

Following Hurricane Maria, a small electrical company in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s home state of Montana was granted a no-bid government contract to help rebuild the island. Then the truth came tumbling out.

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Do you trust Betsy DeVos with our nation’s kids?

Betsy DeVos thinks guns help protect students from grizzly bear attacks, doesn’t understand the different between growth and proficiency, and won’t visit struggling schools. And she’s our Secretary of Education.

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Trump’s inexperienced executive branch

The Trump Administration has one of the most convoluted, inexperienced pools of talent in recent history. How many lobbyists does it take to drain a swamp?

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Wilbur Ross is another corrupt Trump cabinet secretary

With business ties to Putin’s inner circle and $500 million raised from the Chinese government, Wilbur Ross has no business running the Commerce Department.

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Trump’s cabinet members cost Americans but spend thousands on themselves

Trump’s cabinet heads waste thousands of taxpayer dollars on themselves and their cronies, while increasing fees, taxes, and hardship for Americans.

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