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Donald Trump has assembled the most unqualified and corrupt cabinet in modern American history. His administration’s unabashed and unchecked cronyism has created a government of officials with no experience in the offices they oversee.

The White House can’t stop lying

Trump once pledged that he would make the government more honest. As we’ve seen, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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What is the Trump campaign doing?

A sketchy campaign manager, a bizarre relationship to the RNC, and out-of-control security: Trump’s political behavior doesn’t add up.

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Republican Donors in Trump’s Cabinet

Even though he claimed he would “only hire the best people,” Donald Trump gave out cabinet positions as rewards for making big political donations.

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Maria Butina is a problematic character in the Russia investigation

She worked for Russia while others said she was on the Trump transition team. Here’s what you need to know about Maria Butina.

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Qualifications for Secretary of Education

Under previous administrations, the Secretary of Education had extensive experience working in the American education system. Trump’s pick for the position is completely unqualified for the role.

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Trump’s failed nominations

Trump said that he would hire the “best people,” who are “truly capable,” with strong track records. That has not been the case.

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