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Trump Business Practices

Trump said he’d run the country like his businesses, but that doesn’t bode well for the country. Given the number of lawsuits, fines, unpaid workers, conflicts of interest, and other unethical and illegal business practices, how do we know who’s really making the decisions and what their goals are?

Trump isn’t following his own keys for success

As a businessman, Trump occasionally gave quality tips for success. If only he followed his own advice as president.

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Trump has put his business before our country

Breaking tradition, Trump didn’t comply with ethics rules to put his business in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest.

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Trump’s dealings with Cuba

Trump does business by breaking the law, covering it up, and lying about it. His dealings in Cuba are no different.

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Trump’s history of intimidation tactics

People who get in Trump’s way get the mob treatment. It's not just Stormy Daniels, who says someone threatened her. There is a pattern of mob-like intimidation tactics following Trump for over 20 years.

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Trump University fast facts

Days after he won the election, Trump settled lawsuits brought by Trump University participants, who say they were defrauded. If Trump can't run a program, how can he run the country?

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Trump’s advocacy for bribery

As a businessman, Trump advocated for bribery of foreign officials. What does that mean now that he's president?

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Is Michael Cohen Trump’s lawyer or his henchman?

Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. Then his “lawyer” Cohen paid her $130,000 of hush money, supposedly out of his own pocket.

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The Trump Excuse Handbook

As a businessman, Trump wrote the book on excuses. As president, he’s keeping the tradition alive and well.

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The first president to break ethics norms since Watergate

Trump's attitude of doing "the bare minimum of what's legal" is a flagrant disregard of ethics norms and has created major conflicts of interest.

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