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Trump Business Practices

Trump said he’d run the country like his businesses, but that doesn’t bode well for the country. Given the number of lawsuits, fines, unpaid workers, conflicts of interest, and other unethical and illegal business practices, how do we know who’s really making the decisions and what their goals are?

Trump’s behavior has not changed

From breaking laws to enacting racist policies, Trump’s behavior hasn’t changed whether he’s in business or government. The stakes are just much higher now.

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Trump Organization bankruptcies

Trump Organization businesses have declared bankruptcy six times over a 17-year period.

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Who is Felix Sater and why does he matter?

Sater’s ties to Trump and his promotion of Russian interests conflate business and politics, making him a key player in Trump's web of fraudulent financial behavior.

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Trump ties to Deutsche Bank

Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank goes back years; now investigators are requesting documents from the bank. What will they find?

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Trump’s dad continually bailed him out

When you follow the money, Trump turns out to be anything but a "self-made man."

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Trump shouldn’t be running the US like his business

Given the number of lawsuits, fines, unpaid workers, and other problematic business practices, Trump running the country like Trump Organization doesn’t bode well for the country.

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Trump lies about his donations

Trump has lied for years about his personal donations to charity. From misrepresenting his foundations' donations to lying about giving to a 9/11 charity, Trump has shown he has no reservations about lying to the American people.

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5 Trump properties Mueller will examine

Trump has his hand in plenty of shady properties. Here are the greatest hits.

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