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Attacking the Press

Trump has repeatedly attacked the press, and promises he will continue. This is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and a sign of authoritarianism

Trump’s attack on the Free Press

Trump has attacked the press and undermined the First Amendment throughout his presidency. He is a danger to our nation and we cannot wait any longer to impeach him.

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Trump thinks the press is “the enemy of the people”

When a leader calls any negative press "fake news," that leader, not the press, should be under suspicion. Trump’s attacks on the press follows Stalin’s footsteps.

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Using “fake news” term to silence opposition

Donald Trump has granted legitimacy to the idea of “fake news,” as dictators and foreign adversaries use it to censor media, attack journalists, sabotage political opponents, and deceive their citizens. Trump seems to want to do the same.

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Trump’s attack on Amazon

Donald Trump is trying to use the powers of his office to punish a rival, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post — a blatant First Amendment attack.

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Donald Trump is at war with the press and First Amendment

Trump has repeatedly slammed the press, calling the media “fake news” full of “dishonest people” in “terrible” organizations. And he has promised his attacks will continue.

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