Long before representing Trump, Michael Cohen had business and legal associates who were Russian mobsters, money launderers, and criminals.

  • Cohen had an ownership stake in a Brooklyn catering hall and event space that for years rented to Russian mafia bosses Evsei Agron, Marat Balagula, and Boris Nayfeld.
  • His childhood friend was fraudster and money launderer Felix Sater.
  • His first job out of law school was working for Melvyn Estrin, who pleaded guilty in an insurance adjuster bribing case.
  • He did legal work for medical practice Life Quality Medical, whose principal was indicted for insurance fraud, grand larceny, and falsifying business records.
  • He did legal work for medical practice Avex, whose owner was charged with criminal insurance fraud.
  • Cohen’s father-in-law and two co-owners of a taxicab fleet were all indicted of a money-laundering related offense in 1993.
  • Cohen partnered with “taxi king” Simon Garber, a Russian organized crime figure who was convicted of assault, arrested for battery, and pleaded guilty to various criminal mischief.

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