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Trump Is Not Above The Law

Trump is not above the law. Nobody is above the law.

A coalition of progressive groups have come together to make a powerful statement:

Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or pardoning key witnesses will trigger the immediate need for protests to demand Congressional action.

The coalition, with the help of Law & Order’s Sam Waterston, has released an important video outlining the case against Trump’s potential removal of Rosenstein and Mueller. Please WATCH and SHARE:

Rule of Law

Trump claimed he'd be a "law and order" president. Take it from Sam Waterston: He's been anything but.Trump is threatening to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order to derail Mueller's investigation. We need to be ready to take to the streets if he does. Text FIRED to 21333 now to find a planned protest near you.

Posted by Stand Up America on Monday, April 16, 2018