Will you help finish what we started?

Demand Immediate Support for the Bipartisan Special Counsel Independence & Integrity Act

Following recent threats from President Trump that Special Counsel Mueller’s position is uncertain, it’s more important than ever that we uphold our democratic structures and ensure the Special Counsel can continue his investigation unobstructed.  

This bill would …

  1. Codify existing regulations that only a Senator or Justice Department official can fire a Special Counsel, and must provide the reason for doing so in writing.
  2. Afford the Special Counsel a ten-day “expedited judicial review” to determine if the firing was necessary. If  determined to be unnecessary, the Special Counsel will be reinstated.
  3. Protect all relevant documents, staffing, and materials related to the investigation while the review is pending.



Senator ____,

I am calling to urge you to support the Special Counsel Independence & Integrity Act.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has made this issue a top priority following recent remarks from President Trump. We must protect the Russia investigation and Robert Mueller. 

Can I count on you to stand with your colleagues from both sides of the aisle to ensure our democracy and this investigation are protected?