Momentum Stays Strong With Announcement That Over 2.2 Million Have Signed Impeachment Petition

(SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2017)—Today, the Need To Impeach effort announced that over two million people have signed the petition calling for elected officials to take a stand on impeachment. This comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that Tom Steyer is doubling the size of the effort and launching two new ad campaigns.

“There’s a growing movement of people in this country who are demanding their representatives take a stand on removing the clear and present danger in the White House,” said Tom Steyer. “Two million Americans agree: we need to impeach Donald Trump.”

In less than a month, Need To Impeach has become a key part of the national political conversation. The campaign reached 1 million signatures in its first week and as of Tuesday, 2,220,365 people have signed the petition. Need To Impeach has also been a thorn in the side of Donald Trump, with Trump tweeting to denounce the campaign and Fox News pullingthe ad from its airwaves because of backlash from its viewers. With the most recent revelations that Donald Trump Jr. was in collusion with Wikileaks, it is becoming more and more clear that the support for impeachment will only grow stronger.

Need To Impeach has been airing a one minute ad entitled “Join Us,” that features Steyer demanding elected officials take a stand on impeachment as part of an eight-figure, national television buy. The effort, which also includes an aggressive seven-figure digital campaign, encourages Americans to come together and demand that elected officials act now on removing Trump from office. A new spot, the second in the campaign, is set to be released soon.