Official statement from Need To Impeach’s Executive Director Nathaly Arriola:

Washington, D.C. – “We now have firsthand evidence and damning testimony by a highly respected, non-partisan diplomat that Donald Trump used foreign military aid to pressure a foreign country to investigate a personal political rival. This is one of the darkest moments for the Oval Office in American history, and a moment that America’s Founding Fathers trusted Congress to act on. Republicans who have allowed Donald Trump to dictate America’s foreign policy in this egregious, corrupt, and criminal manner have abdicated their constitutional responsibility and are engaging in despotic political behavior that closely mirrors the President’s lawlessness. Voters do not think Donald Trump is above the law and Congress will have to answer for this. Need to Impeach will ensure that the voices of the voters are heard and that members of Congress are reminded of their duty to protect democracy over all else.”


William Taylor, Head of Mission to Ukraine, testified before the House of Representatives on October 22, 2019. His opening statement can be viewed here.