As GOP Prepares To Vote On Tax Plan, New Ad Calls For Impeachment and Opposition To Republican Tax Proposal

(SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2017)— Today, Tom Steyer announced that his Need To Impeach effort is launching a new one-minute ad entitled “Your Voice.” The ad highlights the destructive Republican tax plan and urges the American people to speak out against both the president and the plan.

“This president and the Republican Congress are making a bad situation even worse,” said Tom Steyer. “They won’t tell you that their so-called tax reform plan is really for the wealthy and big corporations while hurting the middle class. It blows up the deficit, and that means fewer investments in education, healthcare and job creation.”

The ad comes as Republicans in Congress prepare to vote on their latest proposals for tax reform. The proposals would create tax cuts for corporations, force big cuts to Medicare and add $1.7 trillion to the deficit.

“Your Voice” is the second ad released by Need To Impeach as part of an eight-figure national television campaign asking people to sign a petition for impeachment at The campaign reached 1 million signatures in its first week and over 2.3 million people have now signed the petition. Need To Impeach has also drawn the attention of Donald Trump and Fox News, with Trump tweeting to denounce the campaign and Fox News pulling the ad from its airwaves because of backlash from its viewers.