Members of Congress think Cohen’s testimony confirms pattern of criminality

SAN FRANCISCOCA — Following Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, momentum is growing for the belief that Donald Trump’s criminal activity and corruption has already cleared the threshold for impeachment. Michael Cohen provided hard evidence that Donald Trump committed a crime while in office by paying hush-money to cover-up his affair with Stormy Daniels, moving many representatives closer to embracing impeachment.

“As it becomes more and more undeniable that Donald Trump engaged in lawbreaking as president, momentum for impeachment continues to build.” said Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer. “The American people already know the truth: this president is doing incredible damage to our democracy and the rule of law, and he must be impeached. Now, it is time for Congress to follow their lead.”

Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, testified under oath that Trump directed him to pay $130,000 to Daniels to prevent her from going public with her story and then illegally reimbursed Cohen while he was President, and provided a copy of a personal check from Donald Trump to the Oversight Committee. Cohen also testified that Trump had knowledge of Roger Stone’s conversations with WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton’s emails and that Trump’s personal lawyers edited Mr. Cohen’s false and misleading statements made to Congress.

Following the Cohen hearing this week, Need to Impeach released two new videos — “Implicated” and “Hush” — that highlight Michael Cohen’s implication of Donald Trump in criminal activities during his tenure as president, and demonstrate that impeachment is necessary. The first video is running on MSNBC and CNN across the country and calls on Americans to stand up and demand that Congress begin impeachment proceedings to hold Donald Trump accountable, and show that nobody is above the law.

“Apparently candidate Trump surrounded himself with criminals and liars yet we’re supposed to believe that he and his campaign did nothing illegal.” Sen. Chris Coons (D – DE), 2/28/2019

“This is a big deal: Michael Cohen says President Trump was involved in a hush money scheme. He brought checks to Congress to prove it.…” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D – MN), 2/27/2019

“The evidence is pretty unambiguous. The president of the United States committed a crime while in office, he needs to be brought up for impeachment. I think we’re at that part.” Rep. John Yarmuth (D – KY), 2/27/2019

“I believe that impeachment is inevitable.” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D – MN), 2/27/2019

“If you are asking me if it seems more likely that the president could be removed from office based on what we know, is it more likely today than it was on Tuesday, I think the answer to that is yes.” Rep. David Cicilline (D – RI), 2/28/2019

“A lot of information came out that I wasn’t aware of and we have numerous investigations taking place in Congress and we’ll follow the facts where they take us. I think it possibly could lead to impeachment.” Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D – NY), 2/28/2019

“What I found shocking today, just to hear it again said out loud, is that this illegal conduct, this conspiracy to violate the campaign finance laws, continued during the presidency, while Donald Trump was in the Oval Office.” Rep. Adam Schiff (D – CA), 2/27/2019

“‘After listening to Cohen today, I’d be surprised if there’s not a sealed indictment waiting for’ Trump when he leaves office.” Rep Eric Swalwell (D – CA), 2/27/2019 

“As far as I’m concerned, you know, all of the actions that he did before he became president are horrible enough, but once you are committing acts as president of the United States, it takes it to a completely different level.” Rep. Katie Hill (D – CA), 2/27/2019

“There’s growing evidence that an impeachment pleading can be made…” Rep. Jackie Speier (D – CA), 2/27/2019

“I think, though, it is obvious that crimes were committed and I think eventually that there will be criminal charges filed against this president.” Rep. William Lacy Clay (D – MO), 2/28/2019

“There is so much corruption and falsehood in the administration, around the administration.” Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D – CA), 2/27/2019

“Michael Cohen’s testimony is proof that @HouseDemocrats oversight is not only justified, but vital to our democracy. It’s embarrassing for Republicans to continue to ignore evidence of criminality by a sitting President.” Rep. Dina Titus (D – NV), 2/28/2019

“We covered quite a bit of ground, including Cohen’s efforts to lie to Congressional investigators on behalf of the President and the potentially illegal activities conducted by the Trump Inaugural Committee and the Trump Organization. #Cohen” Rep. John Sarbanes (D – MD), 2/28/2019

“Yesterday at the @OversightDems hearing, Cohen told me that the President lied under oath about his relationship with Felix Sater—which appears to have been a close one. I look forward to my colleagues serving on the Intelligence Committee getting closer to the truth.” Rep. Harley Rouda (D – CA), 2/28/2019

“We’re going to take the facts where they lead us. And certainly, if there is justification for us to bring impeachment charges against the president, then we will do so.” Rep. Stephen Lynch (D – MA), 2/27/2019

“I echo Chairman Cummings’ feelings that what the American people heard today in his hearing room was deeply disturbing and indicates the President may have committed a crime while in office.” Rep. Chellie Pingree (D – ME), 2/27/2019

“I think [impeachment] is almost going to be impossible not to deal with because so much has come up and so much will be revealed. These investigations are the precursor to impeachment.” Rep. Steve Cohen (D – TN), 2/28/2019

“What we heard today in @OversightDems is criminal conduct in the pursuit of the highest public office by #MichaelCohen & Individual-1. I hope that the gravity of this situation hits everyone in this body, in Congress, and across the country.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D – MI), 2/27/2019

“I mean he’s basically like someone who has left an organized crime family, who’s facing all kinds of reprisals and intimidation and harassment, but he feels emancipated and unburdened and free.” Rep. Jamie Raskin, (D – MD), 2/28/2019