(SAN FRANCISCO, January 30, 2018)—Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer released the following statement ahead of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

“Americans have become well-conditioned to know that Trump—a habitual liar, who blatantly ignores facts in favor of his own narrative—likes to paint a picture of the world decidedly at odds with reality. Trump continues to avoid discussing why we have seen a disturbing rise in hate crimes, why his tax cuts are about to supercharge sky-high levels of wealth inequality, and why our nation is woefully unprepared for climate change under his corporate-first leadership. Even Trump voters are not oblivious to the fact that his agenda is harmful to the stability and safety of our country and everyone who lives in it. For this and many other reasons, it’s time to hold this president accountable for his multiple impeachable offenses and demand that Democratic and Republican leaders remove him from office.”

Steyer launched the Need to Impeach movement through television and social networking ads on October 20, 2017, calling on supporters to sign a petition. More than 4.4 million people have since signed the petition, creating a digital army of supporters that many political strategists call a formidable and powerful political tool. Learn more at www.NeedtoImpeach.com.