(SAN FRANCISCO, January 20, 2018)—Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer issued the below statement following the U.S. House of Representatives’ failed 355-66 vote on articles of impeachment against Donald Trump; with 8 more votes in support than last month’s vote. This increase demonstrates that Members of Congress are listening as more and more Americans are joining the call for impeachment.

This vote is not a reflection of whether or not Trump has passed the threshold for impeachment, which he did months ago. It is a failure by members of Congress to do what’s right to keep the American people safe.

Our elected leaders in Washington D.C. are neglecting their Constitutional obligation to hold an unfit and morally bankrupt president accountable. One would hope that our major political parties would be concerned with preserving our nation’s integrity. Instead, Republicans appear desperate to derail conversation about impeachment because Trump supports their corporate-first agenda and leading Democrats appear worried that impeachment talk could hurt their chances at winning the majority in November. Both parties are putting the foundational pillars of our democracy at risk and gambling with American lives.

Trump has clearly violated the Constitution, the spirit of his office, and the public trust. He continues to commit impeachable offenses—from taunting nuclear powers to making money for himself off of taxpayers. This must stop. The safety and stability of our country and our people must come first.”

Steyer launched the Need to Impeach movement on October 20, 2017 through television and social networking ads calling on supporters to sign a petition demanding Congress remove Trump from power. More than 4.3 million people have since signed the petition, creating a digital army of supporters that many political strategists call one of the most formidable and powerful political tools in the Democratic party. Learn more at www.NeedtoImpeach.com.