Statement by Executive Director of Need to Impeach, Nathaly Arriola

“Senate Republicans have orchestrated and delivered a cover-up of Donald Trump’s impeachable crimes. By voting to reject new evidence and witnesses from being considered, they have failed the American people and their constituents. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have set a dangerous historical precedent by conducting a trial devoid of germane, new witnesses or new evidence. New information will undoubtedly come out in the coming months that further shows Donald Trump abused his power. As it does, voters will realize Senate Republicans have rubberstamped their names on Donald Trump’s criminal cover-up. Voters will ultimately be the jury in this trial. Only they can now remove Donald Trump and his enablers from office. Need to Impeach is committed to supporting their efforts into the next cycle,” said Nathaly Arriola, Executive Director of Need to Impeach.