Statement by Executive Director of Need to Impeach, Nathaly Arriola

“The American people have demanded a fair impeachment trial, and Mitch McConnell and his enablers are delivering a criminal cover-up. It is the Senate’s job and sole power to try all impeachments, to call forth relevant evidence and witnesses and review all the facts. Instead, Mitch McConnell has already stopped the first efforts to review new documents that are damning to Donald Trump. Throughout this impeachment process, the White House has unconstitutionally ignored requests for documents because it’s been actively covering up the President’s crimes. Now, with Senators McConnell, Collins, Gardner, McSally, Ernst, and others voting to table an amendment to bring forth new evidence, they have already rubberstamped their names on the President’s criminal cover-up. Their historical legacy will be that of traitors to our constitution and the American people,” said Nathaly Arriola, Executive Director of Need to Impeach.