Ad Will Air in All Major South Carolina Markets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Following Lindsey Graham’s move that blocked a vote on a bill that would make the Mueller report public, Need to Impeach is launching a new television ad this week calling on the American people to remind Sen. Graham that he works for the people, not Donald Trump.

The new ad comes days after the House voted 420-0 in support of a bill that called for the public release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Sen. Graham proposed amending the resolution to include the appointment of a new Special Counsel to investigate the crimes related to Hillary Clinton’s emails. The ad also follows polling that shows two-thirds of American voters, including a third of Republicans, back the impeachment and removal of Trump if he obstructed justice.

“Lindsey Graham has no business holding an elected office if his primary incentive is Donald Trump’s approval,” said Tom Steyer, founder of Need to Impeach, which has grown to 7.6 million supporters and is the largest grassroots group in the country calling for Trump’s impeachment. “The American people deserve a full view of the investigation into Trump’s criminal offenses, period. Any attempt to hinder that view is a political play meant to support the president’s continued obstruction of justice and distract from the obvious: Trump is guilty.”

The ad is part of Need to Impeach’s Project Accountability campaign. Project Accountability was launched in January to mobilize impeachment supporters in key districts, and includes a comprehensive media campaign consisting of TV, digital, direct mail, and town halls. As part of Project Accountability, Need to Impeach supporters have made thousands of calls, and sent tens of thousands of emails and petitions in support of impeachment to Democratic House Chairs Nadler (NY-10), Richard Neal (MA-01), and Elijah Cummings (MD-07).

Steyer launched Need to Impeach on October 20, 2017, with an initial $40 million investment to raise the voices of people across the country who were angered by Trump’s presidency and policies. Earlier this year, Steyer committed an additional $40 million in 2019 toward impeaching Trump.

Script Below:

“Lindsey Graham is scared of Donald Trump and won’t stand up for South Carolina.

After the House voted unanimously to demand the Mueller report be made public, Lindsey Graham killed the bill in the Senate.

The American people have a right to see Mueller’s final report.

We need to remind Senator Graham that he works for us, not Trump.

Lindsey Graham needs to grow a backbone.

Tell him to make the Mueller report public.”