During April recess, NTI volunteers delivered hundreds of thousands of postcards and urged their representatives to hold Trump accountable

Clockwise from the top left: NTI volunteers at Rep. Ted Deutch’s office (FL-22), meeting with Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD-07), and organizing outside Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office in  Greenville, SC.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — During the April recess, Need to Impeach organizers and volunteers hosted two nationwide Weeks of Action to highlight the growing public support for the impeachment of Donald Trump. While representatives were home in their districts following the release of the Mueller report, hundreds of impeachment supporters organized or attended over 94 visits, drop offs, and town halls to urge more than 61 members of Congress to support impeachment proceedings and take action to hold Donald Trump accountable. In congressional districts across the country, supporters delivered hundreds of thousands of postcards and petition signatures urging key representatives to support beginning impeachment hearings.

“The American people are demanding that Donald Trump be held accountable for his record of lawbreaking and corruption, and over the last two weeks, we brought the momentum of the impeachment movement to the doorstep of key congressional leaders who have the power to expose the crimes of the Trump Administration and get the truth,” said Tom Steyer, founder of Need to Impeach. “It is time for Congress to step up and do the right thing for the American people. This is not about politics — this is about protecting our democracy from a corrupt and unlawful president who is threatening the well-being of the American people.”

“This is bigger than any political party — millions of Americans want out our representatives to do what’s right and hold this president accountable. From South Carolina to Iowa to California, we see this everyday, and now that the redacted Mueller report has been released, we are stepping up our efforts to make sure Congress hears from their constituents,” said Need to Impeach Organizing Director Jane Slusser. “The collective power of the American people is stronger than any political strategy, and the grassroots movement behind impeachment is more organized than ever.”

During the Weeks of Action, Need to Impeach delivered over 700,000 postcards to more than 30 members of Congress, concentrated on members of the House Judiciary Committee. The push by impeachment supporters to make their voices heard comes as Attorney General Barr is scheduled to testify publicly this week.

The Weeks of Action built off Need to Impeach’s organizing efforts earlier this year. In January, nearly 300 Need to Impeach supporters delivered Articles of Impeachment to every member of the House of Representatives. Since then, Need to Impeach supporters have also made nearly 40,000 phone calls, sent over 80,000 emails, and completed over 200 visits to members of Congress urging support for impeachment proceedings. Between AG Barr’s letter spinning the Mueller report’s conclusions and public release of the redacted report, over 18,000 Need to Impeach supporters called the Department of Justice to demand the release of the full Mueller Report.

During the April recess, impeachment supporters delivered 20,000 postcards to each of the following members of Congress:

Impeachment supporters also visited the offices and town halls of the following members of Congress to demand they support impeachment hearings immediately: