New interactive tool enables voters to easily see representatives’ stances on impeachment and urge them to support impeachment

Washington, D.C. – One of the country’s largest grassroots movements, Need to Impeach, today announced the release of a new, unrivaled interactive tool that will empower voters to take action and contact members of Congress to urge them to support impeachment. 

The launch of this new interactive tool comes on the heels of recent news developments that point to Donald Trump engaging in treasonous and impeachable conduct. The interactive map will be promoted as part of a six-figure digital ad-spend urging lawmakers in key districts to support impeachment.  

The new interactive tool provides visitors the ability to search every Congressional district and learn where specific members of Congress stand on impeachment. Visitors will have the opportunity to take immediate action and contact Congressional offices urging members of Congress to support impeachment. They will also be able to show their appreciation to members who’ve already voiced support for impeachment by sending emails expressing their gratitude for doing what’s morally right and upholding their oath of duty. 

We’re looking at this week as a critical moment to mobilize our 8.3 million supporters. With the launch of this interactive tool, we’re ready to increase the pressure on members of Congress to support impeachment. And pressure on Speaker Pelosi is a high priority at this point. We’ll be engaging in a six-figure digital ad campaign during the next few weeks to pressure members to support impeachment and will be exploring other options as well. Members of Congress should start to think of their silence on impeachment as not only a moral abdication of their constitutional responsibility but also as an electoral liability,” said Nathaly Arriola, Executive Director of Need to Impeach.

It’s time ​for Congress to show some courage. They have a constitutional responsibility to make it clear to this President and to the world, that we are a nation of laws. No one asked for this moment, but it has found this Congress and these leaders. Doing nothing is no longer an option. Kitchen table issues will always matter to voters, but Democrats took the House ​in 2018 because voters expected action. It’s time ​for Congress to use the power entrusted to ​its leaders without half-measures, dithering, and idle talk. Tackling this and pivoting to solving our nation’s problems is the way forward,said Kevin Mack, Lead Strategist of Need to Impeach. 

Support for impeachment has gained momentum during the past month, with 158 members of Congress supporting impeachment. Need to Impeach will work to increase that number in the coming weeks and pressure Congress to vote on articles of impeachment.