Multimillion-dollar TV campaign will air nationally and demand the truth for the American people

San Francisco, CA — Following Attorney General William Barr’s refusal to release the full Mueller report by House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler’s deadline, Need to Impeach is launching a new ad campaign this week demanding that Barr release the full Mueller report immediately so the American people can know the truth about the investigation. The campaign will start this week with an initial six-figure ad buy on cable news channels across the country and digital platforms, which is expected to increase to as much as $3 million in the coming weeks.

“The Trump administration is working overtime to hide the truth from the American people, because they know that when the American people know the truth, they will demand justice,” said Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer. “To a corrupt president, the truth isn’t something to be exposed, it’s something to be hidden and covered up. AG Barr, Trump’s hand-picked political appointee in the Justice Department, is withholding the Mueller report from the American people to protect Donald Trump. Now, it’s up to Washington D.C. to step up and demand the release of the full Mueller report. There’s nothing radical about demanding the truth for the American people. It is what we should expect.”

The ad campaign urges Americans to demand that Barr release the full Mueller report to the public, after weeks of dragging his feet to shield Donald Trump from potentially damaging information within the report. Since the Attorney General released his four page summary, members of the Special Counsel’s team have come forward to make clear that the full report has more damaging information about President Trump and his administration. As part of the effort to demand the full report, Need to Impeach attempted to deliver over 130,000 petition signatures calling for the public release of the report, but was turned away at the Department of Justice building in Washington, DC last week.

The new ad follows Need to Impeach’s Project Accountability campaign. Project Accountability was launched in January to mobilize impeachment supporters in key districts, and has featured a comprehensive media campaign consisting of TV, digital, direct mail, and town halls in a number of key districts. As part of Project Accountability, Need to Impeach supporters have made thousands of calls, and sent tens of thousands of emails and petitions in support of impeachment to Democratic House Chairs Jerry Nadler (NY-10), Richard Neal (MA-01), Elijah Cummings (MD-07), and Adam Schiff (CA-28).  Since the launch of Project Accountability, Chairman Cummings held a hearing with Micheal Cohen, Chairman Nadler launched a wide-ranging document request, and Chairman Neal officially requested President Trump’s tax returns.

Steyer launched Need to Impeach on October 20, 2017, with an initial $40 million investment to raise the voices of people across the country who were angered by Trump’s presidency and policies. Earlier this year, Steyer committed an additional $40 million in 2019 toward impeaching Trump.

Script Below:

What do you believe when it comes to the investigation into this president?

Do you really believe Attorney General Barr read a nearly 400-page report in one day?

And that his four-page summary is the whole truth?

I’m Tom Steyer and I’m organizing an effort to release the full Mueller report now and let the American people decide.

If you think we have a right to read the report for ourselves, you can call the Attorney General at this number.

Our tax dollars paid for the report. Don’t let them cover up the truth.