New tool will let constituents track where their representatives stand on impeachment and demand accountability

San FranciscoCA — Today, Need to Impeach launched a new online database that will give impeachment supporters a useful tool for tracking their representatives’ positions on impeachment and holding Donald Trump accountable. The new site, which allows constituents to search for their representative by name or zipcode, will help voters amplify their voice and keep track of where their representatives stand. The database tracks every House Democrat’s support for impeachment by looking at explicit statements they’ve made, as well as their support for impeachment legislation, such as Rep. Tlaib’s and Rep. Green’s respective resolutions. The site will be updated as members hear from their constituents and change their position on impeachment.

“We’ve reached an inflection point where Congress can no longer ignore their constituents’ calls to hold Donald Trump accountable for his lawbreaking, corruption, and contempt for the rule of law,” said Need to Impeach founder Tom Steyer. “Momentum is now on the side of impeachment, and representatives need to stand up and be counted. The American people need to know: are you going to allow Donald Trump to carry out his assault on democracy, or are you going to step up and take a stand by initiating impeachment proceedings?”

Each representative’s page will highlight the number of Need to Impeach signers in their district, and provides Americans the ability to call, email, or tweet at their representative. Representatives who support or have supported steps towards impeachment in past will receive peach emblems next to their name, indicating their exceptional history of advocating for actions to hold Donald Trump accountable. The site will also be used to mobilize impeachment supporters for actions and office visits over the Memorial Day recess, with supporters hosting events calling for their representatives to support impeachment and thanking representatives who have already done so.

On Monday, Donald McGahn chose to ignore the House Democrat’s request to testify before Congress at the request of the President. Since then, over 20 new Democrats, including prominent members of the leadership such as Rep. David Cicciline and Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, have come out in favor of beginning impeachment proceedings. Notably, half of the Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee have now come out in favor of impeachment proceedings.

Since January, Steyer’s Need to Impeach campaign has garnered over 8 million signatures from all 50 states and has mailed over 700,000 notecards building support for impeachment. NTI supporters have contacted members of Congress over 1.5 million times and delivered a petition calling for impeachment with over 10 million signatures in cooperation with our partners. Need to Impeach has also organized over 200 congressional visits, organized canvassing in districts represented by key members of the Democratic leadership, and run a series of ad campaigns to raise awareness and build support for impeachment.

Steyer launched Need to Impeach on October 20, 2017, with an initial $40 million investment to raise the voices of people across the country who were angered by Trump’s presidency and corruption. Earlier this year, Steyer committed an additional $40 million in 2019 toward impeaching Trump.