The 8.2 million-person movement will continue its focus of pressuring members of Congress to support impeachment.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Today, Tom Steyer announced that Nathaly Arriola will become the new Executive Director of Need to Impeach, the campaign he founded in October 2017 to unite and lift up the voices of millions of Americans from across the country who are demanding that Congress protect our democracy by impeaching Donald Trump. 

While Steyer is leaving his leadership positions at both NextGen America and Need to Impeach to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, he has committed over $50 million through 2020 to ensuring both organizations fulfill their missions. Under the new leadership, Need to Impeach will continue to build on its initial $75 million dollar campaign to organize and mobilize the over 8.2 million Americans across the country who are calling on Congress to impeach Donald Trump.  

Need to Impeach will continue its legislative, educational, organizing and digital work as they gear up for the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary Committee on July 17th. 

“The momentum behind impeachment is stronger than ever and the American public continues to demand that Congress do its job and start an impeachment inquiry,” said Arriola. “Mueller’s testimony will give the entire country a chance to see this administration’s corruption and lawlessness on national TV. And as momentum builds, Need to Impeach will continue to organize across the country and the lead alongside the millions of Americans who are standing up for our democracy.” 

In addition to organizing supporters around the Mueller hearing, Need to Impeach will also continue to host “Impeach-In” events across the country during the month of July. 

Since the Need to Impeach petition launched in October 2017, over 8.2 million Americans have signed to support Donald Trump’s impeachment and make their voices heard. In 2018, as the impeachment movement grew exponentially, Tom Steyer and Need to Impeach hosted over 40 town halls in 25 states, including states like Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

Ahead of the 2018 midterms, Need to Impeach invested $10 million in the Need to Vote program, sending over 1.6 million member-to-member notecards and 10 million pieces of direct mail to voters in battleground states. Democrats won 36 of the 43 congressional races targeted by NTI, and NTI signers that were sent at least one handwritten notecard turned out at rates that were nearly 4 percentage points higher than turnout among comparable NTI signers that were not sent a handwritten notecard.

Since Democrats took over the House of Representatives, Need to Impeach has doubled down on its grassroots organizing efforts. In January, nearly 300 Need to Impeach supporters delivered Articles of Impeachment to every member of the House of Representatives. Since then, Need to Impeach supporters have also made nearly 80,000 phone calls, sent over 260,000 emails, hosted nearly 40 “Impeach-In’s,” and completed over 300 visits to members of Congress urging support for impeachment proceedings.

Thanks to that pressure, the number of impeachment supporters on Capitol Hill has grown to 85 members of Congress, including more than half of the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and the vast majority of leading Democratic presidential candidates.