(SAN FRANCISCO, September 14, 2018)—Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer released the following statement after Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice, and agreed to collaborate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election:

“Paul Manafort’s guilty plea once again shows us the depth of corruption, deceitfulness, and lawlessness that has surrounded Trump for decades and exposes a seamy organization that can no longer be ignored. Manafort’s decision to cooperate with the Mueller investigation means that the walls around Trump’s immoral administration will continue to crumble and the depth of lies that he has told to ascend to the presidency will be exposed. The American people need leaders who uphold our Constitution and the rule of law. This Congress must exercise its duty of oversight. It’s time for the American people to make ourselves clear: ‘Remove Donald Trump from office or we will remove you from office.’”

Steyer launched the Need to Impeach campaign on October 20, 2017, through national television and social media ads. More than 5.7 million people have since signed on to support the campaign, creating a digital army that several political strategists call one of the most powerful political tools in the Democratic party. So far, 14 national commercials—including two in Spanish—have aired, reaching more than two billion television viewers and more than 454 million people through social media.

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