More than 5,100 guides mailed this week to federal and state Democratic and Independent candidates 

(SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2018)—Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer today announced his campaign has mailed more than 5,100 impeachment guides to federal and state Democratic, Independent, and third-party candidates running for office in 2018.

Impeachment: A Guide for Candidates” contains a letter to the candidates from Steyer, polling information about public support for impeachment, an explainer about the meaning and history of impeachment, a list of Donald Trump’s eight impeachable offenses, and a Q&A for candidates addressing issues around the process of impeachment.

“As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to unfold and the White House devolves into further chaos, it’s irrefutable that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our country,” said Steyer. “More and more people are raising their voice to say that Trump must go immediately, and it’s important that candidates running for office this year understand the history, justification, and steps involved in the impeachment process. Our guide will prepare candidates to engage in meaningful conversations with constituents about the dangers Trump poses to the country, and to take action as soon as they enter office.”

Recent polling of the 5.1 million Need to Impeach supporters found the following reasons they believe Trump should be impeached:

  • Obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey (92 percent)
  • Fifty-eight legal scholars say he’s committed impeachable offenses (91 percent)
  • Enriched himself and his family (91 percent)
  • He is too unstable to have nuclear weapons (91 percent)
  • Colluded with Russia (90 percent)

The guide also includes polling from Stand Up America and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner demonstrating that support for impeachment will increase if Mueller uncovers almost any type of illegal coordination, obstruction of justice, or financial crime committed by Trump, his aides, or his campaign–regardless of Trump’s direct involvement.

Steyer launched the Need to Impeach campaign on October 20, 2017 through national television and social media ads. More than 5.1 million people have since signed on to support the campaign, creating a digital army that several political strategists call one of the most powerful political tools in the Democratic party. So far, seven national commercials have aired, reaching more than 2 billion viewers through television and more than 454 million through social media.

For interview requests, please contact Need to Impeach Head of Communications Erik Olvera at [email protected].

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