78% Of 2018 Democratic And Independent Likely Voters Support Impeachment Nationwide; Steyer Enlisting Citizens’ Help for New Ad Campaign

(SAN FRANCISCO, November 9, 2017)—Today, Tom Steyer announced on a call that he is doubling down on the Need To Impeach effort by upping his commitment to $20 million. He also announced two new television advertisements as a part of the doubling down. The first new ad will be released next week and highlight some of the nearly 2 million people who have signed the petition. For the second new ad, Need To Impeach will encourage supporters to submit videos and ideas and use those as the foundation for a new ad campaign.

“Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the American people, and the almost 2 million Americans who have signed our petition agree,” said Tom Steyer. “We’re going to fight even harder to make sure each and every American can make their voice heard, and give them a direct platform to demand action.”

The Need To Impeach effort has continued to gain momentum, recently reaching 1.9 million signatures on its petition at NeedToImpeach.com. Need To Impeach announced this week that Fox News has taken its advertisement off the air. Fox News released a statement saying “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money.” Need To Impeach responded by filing a letter accusing Fox News of breaching its contract. With this latest announcement, Need To Impeach will continue to air television advertisements nationally as well as on all digital platforms.

“Donald Trump is the least popular president in history at this stage in his presidency,” said Need To Impeach Advisor John Anzalone. “Tuesday night’s big wins show that voters are showing up at the ballot box to take action against Donald Trump. Voters are counting on elected officials to do the same.”

Pollster Paul Maslin also unveiled two new polls on the call, showing that Democrats and Independents who are likely voters in 2018 are strongly in favor of impeachment. The polls found 78% of Democrats and Independents likely 2018 voters across the country supported impeachment nationwide, as well as 82% in Iowa and 75% in New Hampshire. They also found that 90% of those likely voters agreed that it wasn’t enough for politicians to speak out against Donald Trump, they had to take action to stop him. You can find full poll results here.