(SAN FRANCISCO, October 31, 2018)—More than 1.6 million handwritten notecards have been sent to voters in key congressional districts urging them to vote on November 6th—one of the largest notecard-writing campaigns in U.S. political history—as part of Need to Impeach Founder Tom Steyer’s work to fuel a blue wave to take back Congress.

Each notecard—a total of 1,645,805—is completely unique from one another, with 78,650 Need to Impeach supporters spending the last three months handwriting personal messages to infrequent midterm voters urging them to vote on Election Day.

“This effort is groundbreaking and speaks to the tremendous energy and motivation of activists who want to hold President Trump accountable,” said Karen Hicks, a political strategist who specializes in field strategy and organizing. “What Need to Impeach has achieved is what every grassroots organizer tries to accomplish—creating a voter-to-voter campaign that engages, inspires and reaches hundreds of thousands of people across the country.”

At 92, Mary Rose Brown, a former educator and business owner from Iowa, turned her home into a notecard-writing machine, where she met her personal goal of writing 1,000 notecards with messages like “we need you” and “please vote” to the voters she hopes to mobilize.

“This is the one thing I can do in the comfort of my own home to have an impact on the election,” said the Iowa Falls resident, who mailed her 1,000th notecard last Thursday. “The time I spent writing personal notes will be worth it if I’m able to get even one more person to the polls.”

The notecard writing initiative is part of Steyer’s strategic get-out-the-vote efforts —launched in August with a $10 million investment—targeting Need to Impeach’s 6.1 million supporters, with an emphasis on the 64 percent of supporters who are infrequent midterm voters. In addition to notecards, Need to Impeach is engaging and mobilizing supporters through addressable TV ads airing in specific regions targeting a few hundred thousand people, hundreds of digital ads served on social networking platforms, and several direct mail pieces, with two pieces mailed to more than 3 million people, a rarity in politics.

“We know our supporters are the key to progressive victories across the country and we know they’re listening by looking at turnout rates in recent elections,” said Need to Impeach Lead Strategist Kevin Mack. “Special elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio have shown that our supporters turn out up to 32 percentage points higher than the general population, and we’re working hard to continue this trend in other key districts to help secure Democratic victories and win back the House.”

Steyer launched Need to Impeach on October 20, 2017, with TV and social networking ads. More than 6 million people across the country have since signed on to support the campaign, creating one of the fastest growing political groups that political strategists consider one of the most powerful groups in Democratic politics.

Learn more at www.NeedtoImpeach.com.