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Call your representative:
Demand they begin impeachment hearings now

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report proves that Donald Trump obstructed justice and tried to influence trials.

This is one of 10 impeachable offenses Trump has committed. Mueller left the decision of obstruction up to Congress, so we need to make sure they move on impeachment to get the complete truth.

Call your representative now and demand they launch impeachment hearings immediately.


Phone Script

I am calling to demand Representative [Representative’s name] act on impeaching Donald Trump immediately.

The Mueller report provides damning evidence that Trump obstructed justice and tried to influence trials.

Even before the Mueller report, Trump had committed 10 impeachable offenses, was implicated in multiple felonies, and cruelly and unconstitutionally imprisoned immigrant children and their families. He is compromised and has failed in his duty as Commander in Chief to protect our country.

The American people are demanding action. Will Representative [Representative’s name] defend democracy and vote to begin impeachment hearings?