3 Collusion

Trump tried to cover up his campaign’s contacts with a Russian national—which, at very least, constituted a violation of federal law.
  • In the middle of the 2016 election, Trump’s son was invited to meet with a Russian national regarding “information that would incriminate Hillary and…would be very useful to” Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. was told it was “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort took the meeting.
  • Federal law prohibits campaigns from soliciting or accepting anything of value from a foreign national.
  • Paul Manafort and Rick Gates met with Konstantin Kilimink, likely a Russian spy, multiple times in the summer of 2016 to provide him with internal campaign polling data detailing the Trump campaign’s midwestern strategy. Manafort lied about these meetings to the FBI even after pleading guilty to other crimes.
  • This relationship between the Trump team and multiple Russian nationals raises questions of whether the campaign aided a hostile foreign power’s active operation against the United States.

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