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File a complaint with the Virginia Bar against Attorney General Barr

Attorney General William Barr knowingly misled the public and Congress about the Mueller investigation’s findings, in direct violation of Rule 4.1 of the Virginia State Bar. Barr’s conduct warrants disbarment.

File a misconduct complaint through the Virginia State Bar’s online form here, or click to download a complaint form below and mail it in — we’ve included a pre-filled form for you (all you’d have to do is add your personal info) as well as a blank one.

If you aren’t able to print this form and send it in, you can also call the Virginia State Bar Intake Office at (804) 775-0570.  Use the suggested language below as a phone script.

Pre-filled form:

Blank form:

Here is some sample language to include:

“Attorney General Barr lied to the American public. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barr said Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not take the Office of Legal Counsel’s guidelines into consideration to not prosecute Trump — except Mueller explicitly did, stating so in his report. This amounts to perjury, a violation of Rule 4.1 of the Virginia State Bar.”