Numerous Trump properties have been associated with criminals and illegal activity. While his casino was once fined for violating money-laundering rules, Donald Trump himself has largely emerged from scandal after scandal unscathed. The Trump Organization has profited from crime, and this could give nefarious individuals leverage over the president.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower — one of the crown jewels of Trump’s real estate business — has been a venue for money laundering and criminal activity for decades. In 1983, Jean-Claude Duvalier, the brutal dictator of Haiti, purchased an apartment in Trump Tower for $1.65 million dollars. A report said Duvalier was looking for real estate to purchase in New York so he could launder money he had stolen from Haitian government.

In addition to using the building to launder dirty money, some criminals have used Trump Tower as the base of operations for their illegal activity. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, a top level Russian crime boss, operated an illegal worldwide gambling ring out of his apartment in Trump Tower, just floors below Trump’s own residence. Federal agents raided the apartment in 2013 but did not apprehend Tokhtakhounov. One man who was arrested during the raid, Vadim Trincher, was charged with running an illegal gambling ring and laundering money, reportedly up to $50 million. He ran his criminal enterprise out of his Trump Tower apartment.

Trump properties have been a popular destination for criminals looking to launder their money or conduct illicit activity. Trump’s extensive associations with criminals would be a red flag to anyone looking to go in to business with him. Now that he is president, his criminal associations put the whole nation at risk. Trump cannot be trusted to oversee his properties, and he cannot be trusted to lead our country.

Trump Taj Mahal

Trump’s casino, the Trump Taj Mahal, has been sanctioned twice for violating anti-money laundering regulations and was known to be a hotspot for Russian mobsters. One report said the Trump Taj Mahal was popular among Brooklyn mobsters connected to the Russian mafia and was even the “favorite East Coast destination” of notorious Russian mob boss, Vyacheslav Ivankov.

In 1998, the Treasury Department announced it had fined the Trump Taj Mahal for violating anti-money laundering rules more than 100 times during its first eighteen months of operation. The casino paid a $477,000 fine, and reports at the time noted that it was the largest fine ever levied on a casino for violating the Bank Secrecy Act. This is one of the few times Trump has ever seen any consequences for the criminal activity in his properties.

The casino ran into trouble with the federal government again in 2015. The Treasury Department fined the Trump Taj Mahal $10 million for the “willful violation” of anti-money laundering laws. While Trump no longer held ownership in the Trump Taj Mahal at the time, the department noted that the deliberate violations of anti-money laundering laws dated back to 2003.

Trump Ocean Club Panama

Despite well-documented evidence of criminal presence and money laundering at the Trump Ocean Club in Panama, the Trump Organization has not faced any repercussions. Trump signed a deal with businessman Roger Khafif in 2006 to license the Trump brand for the Panamanian resort. A Global Witness investigation found evidence of money laundering by Russian gangsters, drug cartels, and human traffickers at the Trump Ocean Club.

More than one third of units at the hotel were sold by broker Alexandre Ventura Nogueira. He said half of his customers on the project were Russian, and some of them were members of the Russian mafia. He also bought 10 Trump apartments for David Murcia Guzman, a Colombian criminal who was arrested for laundering money for drug cartels. Nogueira admitted to laundering money for corrupt Panamanian officials, and he fled the country in 2009 amid fraud charges. He is also currently under investigation by Brazilian federal authorities for money laundering.

The Global Witness report concluded that Trump directly benefited from the financial crimes at the resort. He earned between $30 and $50 million in licensing fees for the Trump Ocean Club. The report stated that it determined “investment in the [Trump Ocean Club] laundered the proceeds of narcotics trafficking, and that Donald Trump was one of the beneficiaries.” The lack of action in response to this news shows that there must be more accountability for the Trump Organization when it comes to its licensing projects.