Trump SoHo was once called “a monument to spectacularly corrupt money-laundering.”

The building opened in 2010. Donald Trump licensed his brand for the project.

Ivanka and Don Jr. also managed marketing and sales of the units.

But when evidence of money laundering became public, the Trumps say they were barely involved.

Bayrock, the project’s developer, was sued by former employee Jody Kriss.

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Kriss said Bayrock was a front, which reportedly laundered Trump SoHo profits to Russia.

His lawsuit claims Trump SoHo was financed by “questionable” sources in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The former managing director of Bayrock, Felix Sater, is a convicted criminal with mob ties.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating the financing and building of Trump SoHo.

Trump denies knowledge of the criminal acts going on in the building. But as Kriss told Bloomberg, “Donald was always in charge.”

Trump must be held responsible for turning a blind eye to crime in his branded hotels.