Federal agency and department websites not only provide information and resources for the public but also reflect the administration’s priorities and focus. In the 14 months since Trump became president, government agencies have made notable changes to their webpages, specifically regarding climate change. These changes indicate a troubling shift in the accessibility of facts and instead promote highly edited information, begging the question: What important climate change facts are MIA in the Trump era?

Under the leadership of both Trump and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, it is no surprise that the EPA was one of the websites targeted with language removal and replacement. The website’s main page previously included the word “climate” 15 times; now it makes no reference to it. While some pages like “Climate ​and ​Energy ​Resources ​for State, ​Local, ​and ​Tribal ​Governments” were initially deleted and then restored several months later, it appeared under a new name: “Energy ​Resources ​for ​State, ​Local, ​and ​Tribal ​Governments” and included significantly fewer supporting materials on climate and climate change.

The EPA is not the only victim of science censorship and strategic editing. The Interior and State Department (DOI and DOS) websites also present numerous examples of information and resources missing under the Trump Administration. On the DOI website, a noticeable paragraph was removed explaining that “climate change affects every corner of the American continent.” Similarly, years worth of Climate Action reports were completely removed from the DOS site.

It is evident from the content removed from the EPA, DOI, DOS, and countless other agency websites that facts, information, and resources are under attack. While Trump happily lives in his alternate universe, the general public will ultimately suffer from what’s missing.