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Trump is MIA in office

Consistently failing in his role as head of state — whether it’s ignoring victims of natural disasters and domestic terrorism, leaving key federal positions vacant, or disregarding national security threats — Donald Trump is an absent president, exposing us to danger.

To Trump, democracy is a joke

Trump celebrated the House passing an Obamacare repeal bill that failed in the Senate, but when Congress passed unanimous, bipartisan sanctions against Russia, he did the absolute bare minimum.

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Climate change MIA from federal websites

Under the Trump Administration, climate change information on federal agency and department websites has been significantly censored. What facts are missing?

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Trump only acts when his hand is forced

Trump claims he is tough on Russia but only takes action when he is left no other choice. His responses to sanctions and the poisoning in the UK only came after other officials acted first.

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Trump is making the Opioid Crisis worse

Despite his promise to tackle the Opioid Crisis, Trump has actually exacerbated the problem by reversing policies and slashing programs vital to tackling this rampant public health crisis.

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The President’s Daily Briefing: Trump Edition

The President’s Daily Brief contains highly classified information tightly held by the U.S. Intelligence Community. And Donald Trump doesn’t read it.

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Timeline: Trump ignoring Russia sanctions

Donald Trump is not complying with sanctions against Russia passed by Congress and ignoring warnings from U.S. intelligence leaders about Russian threats to the 2018 elections. His inaction makes the case for impeachment.

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Trump forgot about Puerto Rico

After the cameras stopped rolling, the Trump Administration stopped caring about Puerto Rico

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Trump’s failures on Russia’s election interference

Trump has failed to decisively act in response to Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Why is he not taking action to protect our democracy?

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Trump’s State Department is destroying foreign policy

Under Trump and Tillerson, the State Department has become a weaker apparatus for the exercise of national interest

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