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As president, Donald Trump has lowered taxes for himself — at the expense of millions of Americans — and advocated for subsidies and policies that favor his business interests across the country. He refuses to release his own tax returns. What is he hiding?

Trump’s company suing Ossining, NY is not routine

The Trump Organization is embroiled in a lawsuit with Ossining, New York to lower the amount of taxes it must pay on a golf club in Westchester. The Organization says the property is worth tens of millions less than Trump said on his financial disclosures.

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Trump tax lawsuits in New York

The Trump Organization is the plaintiff in 12 tax lawsuits, some of which have been filed after he became president. The Trump Organization thinks it doesn’t have to pay its fair share because Trump is in the Oval Office.

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Trump’s excuses for not releasing his tax returns

He has called his tax returns “beautiful” but has excuse after excuse for not releasing them. Just what is he so afraid we will find out?

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