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As president, Donald Trump has lowered taxes for himself — at the expense of millions of Americans — and advocated for subsidies and policies that favor his business interests across the country. He refuses to release his own tax returns. What is he hiding?

Why won’t Trump release his tax returns?

Trump says he can’t release his tax returns because they’re under audit, but that’s not true. He’s the only modern president to not release his tax returns. What is Trump hiding?

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Trump must be hiding something in his taxes

Why is Trump so adamant about the American people not seeing his tax returns? Whether it’s his sources of income or ties to Russian oligarchs, he must be hiding something.

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Republicans have said Trump should release his taxes

Republicans, from Senators like John McCain to Congressmen like Paul Ryan to Trump’s own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, have said he should follow the precedent of previous presidents and candidates and release his tax returns.

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Trump owes taxpayers for his wealth

For someone so cynical about government, Donald Trump owes plenty of his buildings to major tax cuts.

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Trump is built on tax breaks

Trump’s foray into hotels involved many of the same shady tactics that have characterize his tumultuous career. He developed the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York by cheating the American people through a 40-year tax break.

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Where else taxpayer money Trump’s family receives could go

President Trump increased funding for the Secret Service by $2.2 billion to keep up with the added strain from his family’s unprecedented travels. At the same time, he cut funding to feed and house children in low-income families.

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4 ways Trump gets richer under the GOP tax plan

In December, Trump and the obedient GOP celebrated the passage of a tax bill that further enriches Trump and his white, wealthy friends, while leaving the rest of the American people behind.

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Taxpayers spend thousands on Trump Organization trips

Thousands of taxpayer dollars are spent on private business trips for Trump's children. Instead of paying for their own security, they allow taxpayers to foot the bill for their international travels.

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Donald Trump overvalues himself

How much is Trump actually worth? We won’t know for sure until he releases his tax returns. Nothing says "out of touch" like lying to the tune of several billion dollars.

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