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Russia Ties

At times Donald Trump puts the interests of Russia and Vladimir Putin above the U.S. What exactly are Trump’s ties to Russia? Why is he so keen on praising Putin, and so worried about not offending him? Who is our president really serving?

Recently designated Russians’ ties to Trump

Treasury recently issued new sanctions to 7 Russian oligarchs, 17 high-profile government officials, and 12 companies that they either own or control. Three of these individuals have ties to Trump himself.

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Trump’s inaction on Russian election interference

Trump has failed to lead an effort among the State Department and intelligence community to take action against Russian interference.

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Timeline: Trump ignoring Russia sanctions

Donald Trump is not complying with sanctions against Russia passed by Congress and ignoring warnings from U.S. intelligence leaders about Russian threats to the 2018 elections. His inaction makes the case for impeachment.

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Trump’s failures on Russia’s election interference

Trump has failed to decisively act in response to Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Why is he not taking action to protect our democracy?

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