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Russia Ties

At times Donald Trump puts the interests of Russia and Vladimir Putin above the U.S. What exactly are Trump’s ties to Russia? Why is he so keen on praising Putin, and so worried about not offending him? Who is our president really serving?

How to collude with a foreign government to win a presidential election

It took Donald Trump just eight easy steps to collude with Russia, win the presidential election, and, up to now, get away with it.

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Trump is reversing U.S. foreign policy for his own interests

Trump has adopted favorable policies toward China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Russia in exchange for $500 million and help winning the 2016 election.

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Trump’s ties to Russia aren’t a coincidence, they’re collusion

Donald Trump’s multitude of connections to Russia — from his campaign chairman's work to his son's meetings — are not all one big coincidence. This is what collusion looks like.

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Donald Trump craves Vladimir Putin’s approval

Trump's scary infatuation with Putin has been going on for years. Why is Trump so interested in getting Putin’s validation? What does Putin have on him?

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Breaking down Mueller’s questions for Trump

Mueller has dozens of questions for Trump, divided into four themes: James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and campaign coordination with Russia. Here’s some extra reading material about each subject matter.

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When it Ukraines, it pours

With the Trump administration reversing its weapons policy in Ukraine, it appears the only person Trump values above Putin is himself.

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The Trump Tower meeting with Russians was collusion

Trump’s son, son-in-law, and campaign chairman all met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who said she could provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. This is clear evidence of the Trump campaign’s attempts to collude with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

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Another private server the Trump Organization doesn’t want you to know about

The Russian-owned Alfa Bank logged into the Trump Organization server 2,800 times in 2016. What are exactly are on those servers? Why are these communications still unexplained months later?

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Cohen spent years trying to get Trump in good graces with Putin and Russia

Michael Cohen tried to build Trump Tower Moscow and lift Russia sanctions. Trump’s ties to Russia are dangerous.

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