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Organized Crime

The web of Donald Trump’s connections to organized crime is alarming and goes back decades. From Russian mobsters and convicted drug traffickers to multimillion-dollar money laundering schemes and bank fraud, his history of criminal associates puts him — and the country — at risk.

What is money laundering?

Criminals launder money to disguise their illegal profits as legitimate. The Trump Organization has a reputation for looking the other way and readily accepting cash. Russian money laundering at Trump properties could leave Trump vulnerable to blackmail.

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Trump’s mob-like arrangement with Cohen

James Comey has compared Donald Trump, whose lawyer was paid $500,000 from a Russian oligarch, to a mob boss. Did Trump know? Did he get a cut?

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Did Trump run for president on Russia’s dime?

Trump promised to self-fund his presidential campaign, but a lot of his money comes from Russia. Who is he really working for?

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Signs of corruption at Trump Tower Mumbai

The Trump Tower Mumbai project was called "blatantly" illegal. Donald Trump Jr. asked an official to overturn the decision. The project was back on after a new government, with business ties to the Trump Org, came to power.

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Felix Sater: Where is he now?

Felix Sater wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill white collar criminal. He was a geopolitical operative who made serious contributions to U.S. intelligence throughout the last two decades. That only makes his story more concerning.

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Trump doesn’t remember much under oath

“One of the great memories of all time” can’t remember very much under oath.

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Recently designated Russians’ ties to Trump

Treasury recently issued new sanctions to 7 Russian oligarchs, 17 high-profile government officials, and 12 companies that they either own or control. Three of these individuals have ties to Trump himself.

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Why aren’t we talking about Alexander Torshin?

Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of Russia’s central bank, is under investigation by Robert Mueller for laundering Russian money into the NRA.

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Trump Panama: A money laundering haven

Trump Ocean Club Panama, a shining monument to criminal behavior, makes one thing clear: Trump will do business with anyone as long as he can profit.

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