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By placing unqualified relatives in some of the nation’s most important positions, Donald Trump has put our country in danger and allowed his family and friends to profit off the White House, showing us the dangers of nepotism.

Ivanka is serving herself in the White House, not the American people

Ivanka Trump’s role as White House senior adviser and her father’s policies are both enriching her.

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Nepotism is rampant in Trump administration

The well of nepotism in the Trump administration runs far deeper than just Jared and Ivanka, from Eric Trump’s wedding planner leading a HUD region to Melania’s friend’s inauguration payout.

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What is Ivanka doing in the White House?

She has no relevant experience or qualifications and professes to want to stay out of politics, yet Ivanka Trump is a White House senior adviser.

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What Ivanka doesn’t want you to know

When you consider the public-facing persona of the President’s daughter, it’s like two different people. Ivanka Trump can’t seem to keep her own story straight.

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Jared and Ivanka’s 2017-18 vacation scrapbook

Jared and Ivanka seem to conveniently be on vacation during crises at the White House. They are White House senior advisers only when it’s convenient for them.

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Where else taxpayer money Trump’s family receives could go

President Trump increased funding for the Secret Service by $2.2 billion to keep up with the added strain from his family’s unprecedented travels. At the same time, he cut funding to feed and house children in low-income families.

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