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By placing unqualified relatives in some of the nation’s most important positions, Donald Trump has put our country in danger and allowed his family and friends to profit off the White House, showing us the dangers of nepotism.

Jared is dangerous in the White House

Jared Kushner’s presence in the White House is putting American national security at risk, but it is unlikely he will face any consequences because he is related to the President.

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Ivanka’s White House role is nothing other than nepotism

The only reason Ivanka has a White House job and West Wing space is because she is the President’s daughter.

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Ryan Zinke’s spending on family must stop

Ryan Zinke, amid questions about his tolerance and ethics, has a family that is enjoying his position as Interior Secretary, with taxpayer-funded trips for his family and government-coordinated activities for his wife.

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Nepotism is nothing new, but Trump’s is unique

For all of American history, presidents have involved family members in their campaigns and administrations. But the important distinction between past and present is that Trump’s nepotism is made unique by his family being utterly unqualified for the positions they hold.

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The Carson family runs HUD

Ben Carson’s family is running Housing and Urban Development. They weren't confirmed. HUD is not a family business; Ben Carson should stop treating it like one.

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Donald Trump Jr is case study in dysfunctional nepotism

From his Trump Tower meeting to his role in picking the Interior Secretary, Donald Trump Jr. can’t seem to stay out of ethical quandaries.

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Why hasn’t Jared been fired?

Trump’s scandal ridden son-in-law Jared Kushner has kept his White House position, while others have been forced out. Are his family connections the reason he has stayed in the administration?

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Trump follows the nepotism of dictators

It’s common for dictators to place their family in high-ranking government positions. Donald Trump appointed his inexperienced, unqualified daughter and son-in-law as top White House advisers.

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Take your kids to work day Do’s and Don’ts

April 26 is national “Take Our Kids To Work Day.” By recruiting his daughter and son-in-law as White House advisors, and using his sons to carry out unofficial White House business, Donald Trump has demonstrated how not to celebrate the holiday.

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