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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving forward with the investigation into possible coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election, while Congress’ investigations vary in their direction and effectiveness.

Trump’s pardons disregard the rule of law

By pardoning Scooter Libby, Donald Trump has once again sent a deeply disturbing message, not only highlighting Trump’s complete disregard for the rule of law but also providing insight into his contempt for Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

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We have no choice but to impeach Trump

Trump has said “we have no choice” but to “totally destroy North Korea,” ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and racially profile certain men. But we do have a choice: impeachment.

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Robert Mueller vs. Donald Trump: A study in contrasts

Mueller and Trump are both Republicans born in the mid 1940s in New York City. That’s about where their similarities end.

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How to find money laundering vs. what House Intel Committee did

The House Intel Committee didn’t bother looking to see if Russian organized crime money was used to purchase Trump properties, a crime that could be used as leverage over Trump.

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Trump’s “witch hunt” is run by Republicans

The leaders of the so-called “witch hunt” in the Justice Department against Trump all happen to be Republicans.

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Robert Mueller must be protected

Trump has threatened to fire Mueller, and Republicans refuse to vote on a bill that would offer him protections. For the sake of our democracy, Mueller must be protected.

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Trump thinks investigating his lawyer is “an attack on our country”

Even when U.S. intelligence officials say there was a real attack on country — Russia interfering in our election — Trump won’t do anything about it.

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Robert Mueller: A modern day John Marshall

Robert Mueller paralleled Chief Justice John Marshall to insulate his investigation against Republican attacks.

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Trump’s inner circle is crumbling

Those who know Trump best worry about what he will do when he feels cornered. Why should we wait to see how he responds to this latest blow?

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