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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving forward with the investigation into possible coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election, while Congress’ investigations vary in their direction and effectiveness.

Vacancies leave Justice’s bench shallow, and Mueller’s investigation vulnerable

With Trump’s latest tweets, Rod Rosenstein’s job once again appears to be in jeopardy. The Justice Department, dangerously understaffed, does not have a deep bench behind him to oversee Mueller’s investigation.

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Breaking down Mueller’s questions for Trump

Mueller has dozens of questions for Trump, divided into four themes: James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and campaign coordination with Russia. Here’s some extra reading material about each subject matter.

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Mueller investigation year in review

In the year since Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, his office has returned 22 indictments and five guilty pleas.

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Who’s investigating Michael Cohen?

The raid of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen office was deemed a “witch hunt,” but if the Special Counsel only gave the tip-off, who is carrying out the case against Cohen and his business dealings?

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What Mueller wants to ask Trump and why

The New York Times released a list of questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller might want to ask Donald Trump. Here’s why he would be asking certain questions.

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“Law and order” Trump is at war with law enforcement agencies

Donald Trump called himself the “law and order candidate,” but as president all he’s done is attack our law enforcement institutions and the rule of law.

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The Mueller investigation compared to actual witch hunts

Unlike actual “witch hunt” investigations into Benghazi and Clinton’s emails, which led to a grand total of zero indictments in nearly four years combined, Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is very much legitimate and progressing.

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Timeline: Jeff Sessions and the obstruction case against Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask Trump about Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a possible interview. Need some context about Trump’s history with Sessions? Here is a brief overview of the events Mueller is interested in.

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3 key takeaways from new filings in the Manafort case

When Paul Manafort moved to have evidence against him thrown out, Robert Mueller’s office responded in court, defending the legitimacy of its evidence in three new filings.

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