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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving forward with the investigation into possible coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election, while Congress’ investigations vary in their direction and effectiveness.

Trump trying to pardon himself would be an abuse of power

Trump thinks he can pardon himself, the clearest example yet of his lawlessness and his reckless disdain for our nation’s rules. No one is above the law.

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Giuliani admits Trump is undermining the Russia investigation

Giuliani not only admits that the Trump team is specifically trying to undercut Mueller’s Russia investigation but also says he’s not so comfortable with Trump’s case in the obstruction investigation.

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Trump’s D’Souza pardon sends dangerous message

Trump's pardons, most recently conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza, send a message to his allies swept up in the Russia investigation: Stay loyal and you will be pardoned.

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Leaks coming from Trump’s team, not Mueller’s office

Trump calls leakers “traitors.” But his legal team and White House staff constantly leak to the press, while Special Counsel Robert Mueller runs a tight ship.

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Trump attacking DOJ independence

Trump has attacked the independence of the Justice Department throughout his presidency. It’s not just a disregard for the norms of our country, but a full-fledged assault on the rule of law.

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Why won’t Trump talk to Mueller? What’s he afraid of?

Trump has repeatedly said he would “love” to speak to Mueller and is “looking forward to it.” So what’s he waiting for? What’s he scared of?

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Trump is politicizing and obstructing an FBI investigation

Trump is criticizing the FBI for being politicized. In reality, he’s the one politicizing it by intervening in its investigation and demanding to see classified materials.

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Trump team’s collusion contradictions

The Trump team keeps changing its story on contacts with Russians during the campaign, going from “no contacts with any foreign entities” to they “never used” the dirt they were offered.

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Trump is a crook, just like Nixon

Trump is following in Nixon’s footsteps — the lies, the investigations, the obstruction. But we can’t bet on Republicans telling the president to resign this time around.

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