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GOP Complicity

The Republican Party is the party of Trump

Trump has repeatedly attacked Republican leaders and their families, but they continue to back Trump no matter what. There is no doubt that the GOP puts its support of Trump above all else.

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GOP has abandoned its principles to support Trump

The Republican Party has traditionally supported law enforcement, honored veterans, professed fiscal conservatism, and opposed Russia — until Trump.

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Trump is politicizing and obstructing an FBI investigation

Trump is criticizing the FBI for being politicized. In reality, he’s the one politicizing it by intervening in its investigation and demanding to see classified materials.

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The GOP is complicit in Trump’s corruption and crimes

The Republicans view their job as protecting Trump, not investigating him. The GOP’s complicity with Trump is unprecedented and frightening.

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How to find money laundering vs. what House Intel Committee did

The House Intel Committee didn’t bother looking to see if Russian organized crime money was used to purchase Trump properties, a crime that could be used as leverage over Trump.

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