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Money and Corruption

The rampant corruption of Donald Trump, his family, and his administration surpasses anything in our nation’s history. Since taking office, Trump has violated the Constitution by profiting off the presidency and allowing the open influence of foreign governments. He spent a third of his first year in office at his private properties. The legacy of his understaffed, unqualified government will be marked by gross displays of nepotism, cronyism, scandal, and failed promises. And as special counsel Robert Mueller delves deeper into Trump’s sordid history as a failed businessman, his past business practices, partnerships, and connections to organized crime may shed light on our president’s unsettling relationship with Russia.

Foreign Policy

From alienating our allies to cozying up to dictators to saving Chinese jobs in exchange for investment in the Trump Organization, Donald Trump is looking out only for Trump in his foreign policy.

Trump wants a condo in North Korea with nuclear views

Trump’s priority with North Korea is a hotel, not denuclearization. He wants his condo to have an ocean view of bombs.

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Trump’s foreign policy doctrine

Trump’s foreign policy doctrine is alienation of our allies and fraternization with dictators. This is dangerous and unlikely to end well.

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No one was prepared for the North Korea summit

Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un seemed like a mess, from expensive lodgings to unpaid bills to Soviet-era jets. We are using “Little Rocket Man” diplomacy with denuclearization on the line.

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How could Trump possibly think Kim Jong-un “loves his people”?

Donald Trump said that Kim Jong-un “loves his people.” His political prisoners beg to differ.

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Donald Trump is incapable of making a deal

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal, vowing to craft a better deal. But we’ve seen this before with healthcare, NAFTA, and the Paris climate accord. Where are all these new, better deals Trump has promised?

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Trump is reversing U.S. foreign policy for his own interests

Trump has adopted favorable policies toward China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Russia in exchange for $500 million and help winning the 2016 election.

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Trump’s corrupt ties to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Russia

Robert Mueller’s team is asking about millions in donations to Trump's inauguration committee from donors with ties to those four countries. Where have we heard those before?

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Trump’s Iran deal withdrawal wrecks diplomacy and endangers the U.S.

The Iran deal (JCPOA) was “one of the biggest achievements diplomacy has ever delivered.” Now Trump has thrown it away. How does this make us safer?

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Why is Trump helping sanctioned Chinese company ZTE?

The heads of the FBI, CIA, and NSA think that Chinese phone company ZTE, which the U.S. has sanctioned repeatedly, might be using its technology to spy on Americans. Now Trump wants to help them, just as China is giving $500 million to a Trump project in Indonesia.

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Trump is absent on the world stage

While Trump shuns participation in global affairs, the U.S. is being left behind by the rest of the world.

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Foreign spending at Trump properties is more than a conflict of interest

Foreign governments and officials frequently spend money at Trump properties. This creates a conflict of interest and could give foreign powers sway over the government.

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Trump withdrawing from the Iran deal brings us closer to war

By pulling out of the Iran deal, Donald Trump is allowing Iran to restart its nuclear program and continuing a dangerous trend that could lead America to war.

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Key countries missing ambassadors

Ambassadors help translate and promote critical American foreign policy at a local level.

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Pompeo’s North Korea trip was a mistake

CIA Director Mike Pompeo straddled legality by acting as a diplomat before his Senate confirmation as Secretary of State.

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Trump’s State Department is destroying foreign policy

Under Trump and Tillerson, the State Department has become a weaker apparatus for the exercise of national interest

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How will Trump negotiate with North Korea without a secretary of state?

Trump is set to meet with Kim Jong-un, but he fired his secretary of state. How soon until Mike Pompeo is confirmed? And who is handling negotiations in the meantime?

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